Pete Francis - Iron Sea and the Calvary CD

Pete Francis' new record Iron Sea and the Cavalry belongs in a classic jukebox that holds only your favorite records. From the pulsing single ''Shooting Star and the Ambulance,'' to the dreamy ''Heavenly Boat,'' to the sweet and familiar title track, Iron Sea and the Cavalry represents the work of a true craftsman. Francis spent years as a member of the renowned independent band Dispatch, writing such fan favorites as ''May Day,'' ''Two Coins,'' and ''Ride a Tear.'' Without a record label, radio support, or conventional PR, the band sold an astonishing 750,000 records through word of mouth. In July of 2007 Dispatch reunited for a three night stand of benefit concerts at Madison Square Garden, becoming the only unsigned band to ever play the legendary venue, and sold out all three shows in a matter of minutes.

1. Johnny Ocho's Lullaby 3:53 mp3
2. Armies Of Angels 4:03 mp3
3. Carousel 3:10 mp3
4. Carnival 2:55 mp3
5. Shooting Star And The Ambulance 4:54 mp3
6. Case Of Bad Love 4:01 mp3
7. Let It Go 3:52 mp3
8. Iron Sea And The Cavalry 3:50 mp3
9. Stowaway 4:29
10. Heavenly Boat 4:57

Released March 2008