Paradigm - Melodies For Uncertain Robots CD

Paradigm is:
Brian Healey -- Keyboards
Jonathan Epley -- Guitar
Myron Koch -- Saxophones
Dave Alfred -- Bass
Evan Pouchak -- Drums

Paradigm creates anthems for the subconscious. The music flits in and out of genres and moods: at times heavy and driving, sometimes funky and joyous, and other times drifting in dreamy sonic explorations. It is ambient, yet harmonically complex, with powerful themes that propel the music ever forward. Paradigm constructs memorable melodies that haunt the mind for days on end, providing a soundtrack to the movie that is life.

Paradigm has continued to probe and absorb musical influences and new sonic textures, all while retaining the spirit of improvisation and sense of freedom one would expect from a highly skilled group of jazz musicians. The result, captured in Melodies For Uncertain Robots, is the emergence of a strikingly original group voice which has been called a dance-oriented blend of progressive jazz and art rock.

1- Scanning mp3
2- Firefly mp3
3- Orbit mp3
4- Laurette mp3
5- Pomegranate Eater mp3
6- Signs of Life mp3
7- Melancholy Collide mp3
8- Mourning Dancers mp3
9- Particles
10- Smoky
11- Littlejohn Island

Released 2008