Page McConnell CD

Page McConnell is best known as a member of the ground-breaking American rock quartet Phish, as well as a leader of the electro-Latin-jazz ensemble Vida Blue. His new solo album is comprised of nine songs composed by Page, introducing fascinating new musical facets and lyrical concerns from this ever-evolving artist. Page McConnell combines the signature heartfelt vocals, memorable musical hooks, and animated improvisations that made his contributions to Phish so vital. This very personal album is a masterful testament to Page's recent life experiences and will be a must-have for Phish fans and rock fans in general.

Musicians include Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Trey Anastasio, Jim Keltner (Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones), Adam Zimmon, and more.

1. Beauty Of A Broken Heart mp3
2. Heavy Rotation mp3
3. Maid Marian mp3
4. Close To Home mp3
5. Runaway Bride mp3
6. Back In The Basement mp3
7. Rules I Don't Know
8. Complex Wind
9. Everyone But Me

Released 4/17/07