New Orleans Klezmer Allstars - Fresh Out The Past CD


When the Allstars jam, they groove like most other N'awlins pros -- though instead of jazz or R&B progressions, they use Yiddish motifs from Russia, Poland, Greece and Central Europe. -- Down Beat

"This genre-crossing, heroically nutty Crescent City ensemble has a raucous, wild spin on the popular Eastern European revival." -- Billboard

"NOKAS makes klezmer into a sort of rubbery jazz, an intriguingly foreign score that conveys the struggles and joys of all peoples no matter what their cultural heritage or religious beliefs." -- Philadelphia Inquirer

"The New Orleans Klezmer Allstars kicked out the jams with their 'funky Jewish music,' and spurred the entire audience into a dancing frenzy." -- Los Angeles Reader

Features Galactic drummer Stanton Moore and sax player Ben Ellman.

Track List:

1- Mr. 9 o'Clock
2- Dr. Lizard
3- The Unholy Chazir
4- Struttin' With Some Doner Kabob
5- Moroccan Roller
6- Coney Island White Fish
7- Aging Raver's Personal Hell
8- Not Too Eggy
9- MyLK
10- Klezmer Defiance
11- Casablanca to LA
12- Hartman Pick Up Your Accordion And Play