New Grass Revival - On The Boulevard CD

The first of four album releases from the group's last lineup, "On The Boulevard" manages to tie the group's past to the group's future. Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Pat Flynn, and John Cowan maintain all of the essential elements which made NGR successful....most critically their penchant for expanding the envelope of progressive bluegrass beyond limits they themselves had set. The selections found here may showcase their astounding range and innovative interpretation more than any other album they produced; Soul, Blues, Reggae, Gospel, Celtic, Rock and other styles are incorporated, which are a testament. From their chemistry and artistic presentation to their musicianship, there are no weak points in this incarnation of The New Grass Revival. Released in 1988.

Sam Bush - mandolin
Bela Fleck - Banjo
John Cowan - bass
Pat Flynn - guitars
Vocals - all

Track List:
1- On The Boulevard
2- Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire
3- You're The Best Friend That I've Known
4- Just Is
5- County Clare
6- One More Love Song
7- You Don't Knock
8- One Of These Trains
9- Get In The Wind
10- Indian Hills
11- One Love/People Get Ready
12- Where Do I Go From Here
13- Walkin' In Jerusalem

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