Nahko & Medicine for the People - Dark as Night CD

Oregon-born Nahko was born from strife and intermingling identities; his origins are a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican and Filipino cultures. His grandmother forced his mother into prostitution at age 14 and his life began in an act of violence. After being born, Nahko was given up for adoption to a white family in Portland, Oregon and all contact was lost with his Native American heritage for over two decades. Under their care, he was raised Christian and taught to sing, write, and play piano and guitar. At 17 years old, Nahko was hired as music director for an Alaskan theater production. After two years in Alaska and one year of Hawaii farming practices under his belt, and having never met his biological parents, Nahko embarked on a journey to seek them out. After finding his mother and siblings via the internet, he began to learn the story of a traumatic past, including the murder of his father and grandfather and his grandmother's equally tragic suicide. Through all of this past pain, Nahko has found a positive outlet in his music, not only healing himself through sharing his story and songs, but helping all he comes in contact with. Nahko currently resides in Hilo, Hawaii where he spends the majority of his time when not on tour. His lyrical story-telling ability opens listeners to "Real Talk Music" - songs that reveal honesty and pureness. Nahko's debut album "Dark As Night" explores themes of self-discovery, the importance of forgiveness, and embracing every moment of life as we only have one shot at it. Set out to unify people and bridge cultural gaps, Nahko allows listeners to follow him on his journey towards personal and spiritual realization.

Release date 10.22.2013