Motion For Alliance - 43rd Street Sessions Vol. 1

With two guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, bass, samplers, effects, looping devices, and a laptop computer, MFA has taken the live electronica experience and raised the bar.

"Amid today's musical spectrum, it takes relevance to stand out. With the fluidity and intricacy of live instrumental performance, MFA is taking groundbreaking strides in the electronic world of dance music - truly re-defining the sound, vibe, and accessibility of drum & bass in the US." - Radio 1190, Boulder, Co

1- Realities of 20th Century Science mp3
2- GunSlinger mp3
3- Out Of The Realm mp3
4- Ancestor mp3
5- Like Ripples On A Pond mp3
6- Motion of the Source mp3
7- Describe How You Feel mp3
8- Descent Of Man mp3
9- Outta Here mp3