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Las Vegas rock outfit Moksha, who finds a common musical stance with bands like Phish, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead, among others, released their second album. "Here to Go" was produced independently by Moksha Music Limited and four-time Grammy Award winner James 'Bonzai' Caruso, with Peter Apfelbaum doing the horn arrangements.

"Here to Go' is Moksha's first endeavor with new band member, Sam Lemos as lead vocal, adding another level to Moksha's mastery of instrumental jam music. It fuses all the musical genres that influence each of the band members, into a sound uniquely their own.

"Starswarm", "Here to Go" and "Bubbles" Take a rocket blast, straight into a deep space, psychedelic funk, rock utopia, back down to earth with melodic pop, and back again into hyperspace with a rip-roaring instrumental.

"Real Show", "Into Thin Air", and "Fruit of Tulum", stay closer to earth with Reggae, World Music, and Spanish Instrumentals, that keeps the energy moving and the horns and vocals shining. "Leg up" is a sweet melodic country inspired ballad. The cornerstone of the album

"The Measure of all things" is a beautiful and mercurial song that delves into the depths of the mythic realm and the heights of keyboard solo heaven.

The remaining songs switch between explosive funk with soaring vocals and classic horns, to good solid rock that pushes until it eventually comes apart at the seams

With their music circling the world, then to space and back, Moksha is "Here to Go"

Track List:
1. Arrival listen
2. The Seed listen
3. Real Show listen
4. Measure of All Things listen
5. Into Thin Air listen
6. Starswarm listen
7. Here To Go listen
8. Bubbles listen
9. Leg up listen
10. Fruit of Tulum listen
11. Awaken My Love listen
12. En-tranced listen
13. Sampling the Sampler listen

Release date 07.23.2011

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