moe. - Smash Hits Vol 1 CD


This new moe. album features: Spine of a Dog, Yodelittle, Saint Augustine, Mexico, Rebubula, Buster, Captain America, Okayalright, Tailspin, and first ever studio recording of Seat of my Pants. From ideas brewed in Buffalo basements and lyrics conjured up along miles of the lower 48, to sounds bouncing off trees from a stage in the Sierra Nevada, these 10 songs dot the map of the 20 years of music in the making for moe. With seven of the tracks recently re-recorded, this anthology will round out the studio collections of many seasoned fans, and is a good introduction, as Chuck Garvey puts it, "for first-time listeners or people who want their first taste of the breadth of our catalog."

Release date 06.01.2010