Miles Davis in Stockholm 1960 with Coltrane & Stitt (4CD)


Back in the 50's and 60's the nordic countries were very popular spots for all the key players in jazz. A lot of them actually moved there.
This amazing 4CD-box contains 2 full shows recorded at Stockholm's Concerthouse using the best equipment know back then.
First show is from March 22nd featuring John Coltrane (tracks 1-1 to 2-1), the second was recorded on the next tour in October 13th of the same year, now with Sonny SOSH as Miles' sideman on saxophone.
The rest of the musicians are the same on both shows; Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers and Wynton Kelly.

1-1 So What
1-2 On Green Dolphin Street
1-3 All Blues/The Theme
1-4 Coltrane Interview
1-5 So What
1-6 Fran-Dance
2-1 Walkin'/The Theme
2-2 Walkin'
2-3 Autumn Leaves
2-4 So What
2-5 'Round Midnight/The Theme
3-1 June Night
3-2 Stardust
3-3 On Green Dolphin Street
3-4 All Blues/The Theme

3-5 All Of You
4-1 Walkin'
4-2 Autumn Leaves/The Theme
4-3 SoO ly As In A Morning Sunrise
4-4 Makin' Whopee
4-5 Lover Man
4-6 If I Were A Bell
4-7 No Blues/The Theme

Release date 05.14.2021