Michael Franti & Spearhead - Big Big Love CD


An energizing batch of songs that spotlight the common threads that connect us.

"Everybody has the capacity to love. It starts with loving yourself, then loving your family and friends, your community and out into the world," Franti, an award-winning musician, activist, and humanitarian, says in a statement. "And it's not enough just to love and fight for the environment and then not take care of your family at home or vice versa. Big Big Love is making sure you can do both. You can hold space for those that you love the most and for the whole planet, for all of humanity and out into the universe. I feel it's a message that needs to be heard more than ever." - Michael Franti

1. "Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down"
2. "Good Life"
3. "Big Big Love"
4. "Hands Up to the Sky"
5. "Vibe Check (My Kinda Party)"
6. "Nobody Like You"
7. "When It Ain't Perfect"
8. "Anyone Can See"
9. "Lost But Not Alone"
10. "All I Need Is You And Me"
11. "Happy Is The New Sexy"
12. "Visa Visa Visa"
13. "All Night Long Forever"
14. "Thinking About You"

15. "Out In the Sun"
16. "The System"
17. "Calling My Name"

Release date 11.03.2023