Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood - Out Louder CD

It seems like an awful long time ago that MMW teamed up with John Scofield for the seminal A Go-Go album, simultaneously introducing a new world of fans to Scofield's guitar mastery and kickstarting a modern-day appreciation for daring jazz-funk compositions. 8 years later, the quartet have struck again with Out Louder. While it's still got plenty of what you'd expect - thick organ, funky drums and bass, and squawking guitar - from the first track, this album by no means tries to rehash the glory of A Go-Go. Instead, the musicians move appropriately forward, alternating plentiful moments of groove with boundary-stretching rhythms, manipulated instruments, and fiery bursts of improvisation. There's even an instrumental re-working of The Beatles' "Julia," where the quartet truly show their versatility. For many listeners, there's not a more mouth-watering combination of musicians than these four. Out Louder confirms the timeless status that all four musicians are undoubtedly headed for.

1. Little Walter Rides Again mp3
2. Miles Behind mp3
3. In Case The World Changes Its Mind mp3
4. Tequilia And Chocolate mp3
5. Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing mp3
6. Cachaca mp3
7. Hanuman mp3
8. Telegraph mp3
9. What Now mp3
10. Julia mp3
11. Down The Tube mp3
12. Legalize It mp3

Released Sept. 26, 2006