Medeski, Martin, and Wood - Note Bleu: The Best of The Blue Note Years CD

Since the early '90s, MMW has been bending brains and moving behinds, fusing jazz, funk, and electronica into a viral groove that you can't help but catch. Note Bleu collects the finest of their six Blue Note albums into one must-have MMW anthology.

1 The Dropper mp3
2 Sugar Craft mp3
3 I Wanna Ride You mp3
4 Nocturne mp3
5 Partido Alto mp3
6 Hay-Hee-Hi-Ho (illyB Remix) mp3
7 Note Bleu mp3
8 Pappy Check mp3
9 Mami Gato mp3
10 Off the Table mp3
11 Hypnotized mp3
12 Queen Bee mp3
13 Hey Joe mp3
14 End of the World Party mp3
15 Uninvisible mp3

Released April 4, 2006