Max Allen Band - Everyone Thinks You're Weird CD

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Max Allen Band (MAB) is the brainchild and workhorse of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Max Allen. For over a decade, Allen and MAB have kept audiences all over the country coming back for more of the wide variety of genres, incredible musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and contagious melodies that each show brings.

MAB's 2013 release, Everyone Thinks You're Weird features many new territories for the band. Everything from pop to progressive rock to dubstep to calypso and more can be heard all while bringing out Max Allen's signature vocal and guitar sound.

Track List:
1. Intro listen
2. Under The Radar listen
3. 117 listen
4. Bodega listen
5. Competitive Goods listen
6. Moorish Invasion listen
7. Big As It Is listen
8. Pangloss listen
9. Luna listen
10. Interlude listen
11. Countdown listen
12. Toledo listen
13. Win the War listen
14. Tro listen
15. You're Gone listen
16. Uphill listen

Release date 05.14.2013