Luther Dickenson - Rock N Roll Blues CD


Luther Dickinson enters a new phase of his storied musical career with his new solo album, Rock n Roll Blues. The new solo album is not punk, but it does maintain a similarly hardcore DIY ethos. As a member of North Mississippi All Stars, Luther Dickinson may have innovated blues and boogie rock but he is also an acutely observant songwriter. The new album tells the story of a guy growing into a life in music.As a member of the North Mississippi All Stars, South Memphis String Band and The Word, Luther has made himself widely known as both a talented musician and as a producer with four Grammy nominations to prove it - three in the contemporary blues category and one in traditional folk.

1. Vandalize
2. Blood 'n Guts
3. Yard Man
4. Goin' Country
5. Mojo, Mojo
6. Rock 'n Roll Blues
7. Bar Band
8. Stone's Throw
9. Some Ol' Day
10. Karmic Debt

Released in March 2014