Lizzy Ross Band - Read Me Out Loud CD

Many bands take their time crafting their first full-length. Chapel Hill's Lizzy Ross Band took a bit longer than they wanted. Their self-released debut Read Me Out Loud shines through a 6-month struggle of broken bones and busted budgets, tackling obstacles with rich indie soul and boundless enthusiasm. Upbeat rhythms and melodies hide more serious themes. Lyrically, Ross's sincerity cuts deep. This is an album about growing up, wanting to know others and be known yourself, about embracing the world and all of its incumbent risks.

These struggles mix perfectly with Ross' fiery pipes. She recently won the Carolina Music Award for Rock Female of 2011 and is nominated for Best Female Blues artist at the 2011 Charlotte Music Awards. It's easy to understand why. Her voice delivers a charming trill one moment, only to erupt in rough, bluesy emotion the next. It's a powerful instrument that's earned her comparisons to artists like Grace Potter and Edie Brickell among others. Backed up by sophisticated arrangements that include touches of country, '60s roots rock, and a dash of Motown, Ross stares down the uncertain future and sings it into submission.

Read Me Out Loud's emotional power is rooted in its troublesome origins. The band began recording at Arbor Ridge in January. Drew Daniel, the band's drummer, broke his wrist two weeks in and recording ground to a halt. The band was at an impasse, but Ross was determined to continue. Unable to schedule regular studio time, Ross and Daniel started recording on a two-channel Tascam interface in her attic bedroom. Ross bought and learned Pro Tools, and Daniel recorded drum parts one-handed - tracking first the right hand part, then the left hand part.

"We were staying up all night, cables and drums strewn across the bedroom floor, constantly preoccupied with recording," Ross remembers. "When my head hit the pillow, I dreamt of Pro Tools."

In the midst of this fervor, the band brought in James Wallace (Max Indian, Light Pines) on keys, Tim Smith (Squirrel Nut Zippers) on sax, Josh Starmer (Birds and Arrows) on cello, John Garris (Big Fat Gap) on fiddle and other guest artists to round out the album, expanding the sound beyond the rough-and-ready folk-rock of their impassioned shows. Recording novices, Ross and Daniel sought out the mixing skills of Chris Stamey to bring it all together.

By the time the album was finished Brett Hart and Jock Pyle had joined on bass and electric guitar to solidify the band's lineup. Finally finished and raring to go, the Lizzy Ross Band plans to tour heavily in the coming year to support their powerful debut.

Track List:
1. Black River 03:01 listen
2. Read Me Out Loud 02:57 listen
3. Something I Lost 02:33 listen
4. Waves 04:24 listen
5. Maria, Maria 04:10 listen
6. Mad Farmer 04:00 listen
7. Needle and Thread 03:12 listen
8. Not Yet 03:32 listen
9. Everyplace 03:44 listen
10. Cross the Cuyahoga 03:17 listen
11. Used to Wish 02:58 listen
12. Traces 04:20 listen

Release date 10.04.2011