Live Phish - 4/4/98 Civic Center, Providence, RI (3 CDs)

No doubt...the band was bound to have some fun on this run, opening this show with "Tweezer" after closing the previous night's affair with "Tweezer Reprise." A solid set one gives way to a notable set two, with a wild "2001" into the rare "Brother," and a dreamy "Ghost." The consumate Phish encore "Harry Hood" wraps up this show full of favorites!

Set 1:
Tweezer >
Bouncing Around the Room
Funky Bitch
Ginseng Sullivan
Limb by Limb
Lawn Boy
Character Zero

Set 2:
Birds of a Feather >
Also Sprach Zarathustra* >
Ghost^^ ->
David Bowie

E: Harry Hood

*Unfinished (only one "verse").
^After the song, Trey said, "we're going to play that again", and they played a one-minute instrumental version of "Brother". Then Trey said, roughly, "That was the single-edit radio-friendly version. This next song is radio-unfriendly; it's long and slow."
^^With tease/jam of "I Can't Turn You Loose" (originally by Otis Redding, but associated with The Blues Brothers; see also 12-29-97)