Live Phish - 4/3/98 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (3 CDs)


The second set of this show is perhaps the crown jewel of the whole four-day run, and it's part of a nice all-around show. The rare opening spot for "Mike's Song" wowed the crowd, and the late-set "Reba" has gained accolades as a great version. What follows is a prime example of limitless exploration, as the second set opens with a cover of Ween's "Roses Are Free" that stretches up around the 30 minute mark, and it's an entertaining jam all the way. It quietly bleeds into a majestic "Piper", and then the set closes with a run through The Stones' "Loving Cup" and a ferocious "Antelope". As if that wasn't enough, you get one of the best encores ever.

Set 1:
Mike's Song >
The Old Home Place
Weekapaug Groove
Train Song
Billy Breathes
Beauty of My Dreams
Dogs Stole Things
My Soul

Set 2:
Roses are Free ->
Piper*** >
Loving Cup^ >
Run Like an Antelope

Carini+ >
Halley's Comet
Tweezer Reprise

**With whistling.
***Jammed out a bit, all drop out except Page who solos for about a minute and then takes it into "Loving Cup".
^During which someone with a backpack jumps onstage, runs across stage, and is chased by Pete Carini.
+Pete Carini is brought on stage.