Les Claypool - Of Whales And Woe CD

His first album released simply under the name "Les Claypool," Of Whales And Woe is the eclectic bassist's most self-contained offering yet. While Skerik, Gabby La La, and Mike Dillon all make appearances, Les handles bass, guitar, percussion, drums, and vocals. As you can imagine, there's not much normalcy here. Alternately hilarious, frightening, silly, and morose, this album is another curiosity from one of the most unique musicians walking the planet.

1- Back Off Turkey mp3
2- One Better mp3
3- Lust Stings mp3
4- Of Whales And Woe mp3
5- Vernon the Company Man mp3
6- Phantom Patriot mp3
7- Iowan Gal mp3
8- Nothin' Ventured mp3
9- Rumble Of The Diesel mp3
10- Robot Chicken mp3
11- Filipino Ray mp3
12- Off-White Guilt mp3

Released May 30, 2006