Larry Coryell - The Archives (3CD)


Born in Texas in 1943, Larry Coryell was nicknamed the "Godfather of Fusion", such was his influence on the style he had a major hand in developing in the late 1960s, when musicians began to combine aspects of jazz harmony and improvisation with styles such as funk, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin. Beginning his career as a guitarist in jazz giant Chico Hamilton's quintet in the mid-1960s, Coryell would lead his own groups in the '70s, most notably The Eleventh House, an ensemble he formed in 1973 but discontinued in '76. Between then and his untimely death in early 2017, Larry released numerous albums as leader, and remains among the most acclaimed jazz guitarists ever. This 3 x CD set celebrates the period of Coryell's work during which he and Eleventh House were at their sublime best, featuring as it does live performances the group played in 1973 and 1975, at The Jazz Workshop in Boston and Tulane University, New Orleans respectively. Together making for a delightful tribute to the man and his music, for which he will surely remain a jazz icon indefinitely, this collection is destined to become a must-have release for fans of Larry Coryell everywhere.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

The Funky Waltz
Gratitude "A So Low"
Band Introductions
Joy Ride
Drum Solo/Birdfingers

Disc 2:

Song For A New York Rainmaker
Adam Smasher
The Other Side
The Funky Waltz
Gratitude "A So Low" (Including Kowloon Jag)
Joy Ride

Disc 3:

The Eyes Of Love
Mike Mandel's Untitled Thoughts
Larry Coryell & Alphonse Mouzon
Where I'm Drumming From (Drum Solo): I. America, II. Brazil, III. Africa
The Eleventh House Blues
Eskdalemuir (Including Sex)