Kula Shaker - K CD

The debut from this oft-ignored British outfit is a revelation for those who have not experienced the band's dizzying array of influences. Amidst the blues-drenched guitars and the Hindi chanting, the band is hard at work building something spiritual and sensual. With their foundation firmly set in undeniable Brit-rock, they build upon majestic rolling guitars and divine vocals by constructing eaves of spiritual world music, psychedelic abandon, and transcendent experimentation, their work revealing a sturdy, inviting structure that begs the listener to stay and have a good look around.

1. Hey Dude mp3
2. Knight On The Town mp3
3. Temple Of Everlasting Light mp3
4. Govinda mp3
5. Smart Dogs mp3
6. Magic Theatre mp3
7. Into The Deep mp3
8. Sleeping Jiva mp3
9. Tattva mp3
10. Grateful When You're Dead / Jerry Was There mp3
11. 303 mp3
12. Start All Over mp3
13. Hollow Man - (parts 1 & 2) mp3

Released 1996

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