Kitchen Dwellers - Seven Devils CD


The Kitchen Dwellers invite you to join them on an extraordinary journey with their highly anticipated 4th studio album, Seven Devils. Produced by Grammy winner Glenn Brown (Billy Strings, Greensky Bluegrass), the ascending Montana quartet continues to redefine the boundaries of bluegrass, folk, and rock.Inspired by Dante's epic voyage through the Nine Circles of Hell, the album guides the listener through a similar exploration. Each track represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins, while others draw inspiration from "The Divine Comedy," serving as checkpoints on this musical descent into the abyss. The Dwellers invite the listener to treat this experience as a musical journey inward - to the self.Guitarist Max Davies emphasizes that Seven Devils is the band's most collaborative work yet. "Each song contains a piece from everyone in the band. Every tune on the record holds musical ideas from each one of us. For this reason, we think it sounds the most like us that any record has."With Seven Devils, Kitchen Dwellers continue their musical evolution, presenting their most mature and intricate work to date.


Release date 05.03.2024