King Johnson - Live '05 CD

King Johnson is back with a smokin' live album! Recorded in late 2004 at a couple of shows in North Carolina, Live '05 gathers some favorites from the KJ catalog for a spirited live presentation. There's the tounge-in-cheek country of "When," the cutting lyrics of the bluesy "Limosine," and a host of tunes that showcase KJ's unique sound. Guitarist/vocalist Oliver Wood's unmistakable style is the perfect centerpiece for the band's upbeat soul rhythms and jazzy musical interplay. Some call it adultcontemporaryrootsrockbluesjazzfunk, but even that string of adjectives can't wholly pinpoint KJ's endearing, time-tested sound, heard on trademark tracks like the bouncy "Ain't Next To You" and the breakneck "Atlas."

1- Cold Plate (intro) mp3
2- When mp3
3- Limosine mp3
4- Suits Me Fine mp3
5- Got The Devil in Ya mp3
6- Chicken/Good Fortune mp3
7- 19-20-21 mp3
8- Workin' Sux mp3
9- Finest Flower mp3
10- Wise To the Likes Of Me mp3
11- Ain't Next To You mp3
12- adultcontemporaryrootsrockbluesjazzfunk mp3
13- Atlas mp3
14- Cold Plate (reprise) mp3

Released Dec. 13, 2005