Katie Pearlman - Dreaming Again CD

Katie Pearlman could just as surely become the next Don Henley, as her natural vocal talent, united with her drumming expertise creates an unbridled fusion of rhythm and vocals. - Northeast In -Tune Magazine

"Your album is amazing. It's so musical and well-recorded and well-sung and real. I've been with this mag since August 2004, and I have to tell you that it's best locally produced CD I've ever heard." Bob Smith - Good Times Magazine

"Resembling a Joss Stone-meets-Joni Mitchell vocal style...Pearlman creates a more instrumentally varied record than might be expected from a singer-songwriter." - Melanie Wolfson - The Aquarian

Katie is a singer/songwriter/drummer/guitarist who is exploring all of the possibilities of her infectious, funky music. She sees herself as a band leader vocally and musically from behind the drum kit, but she has also been exploring fronting the band on acoustic guitar. With Katie, things never stay in one place - her talents and ideas are always reinventing themselves, so the one thing to be sure of is that the future is a work in progress. What seems to be a recurring theme with Katie is her inner search for truth and understanding of herself and the world she's part of. This search is now being explored through writing and performing music as well as looking to find her place and voice in the world at large.

These searches are evident in her songs. The lyrical and emotional content tend to resonate with many people, and her growing audience seems to find reflections of their own searching and struggles in her work. As Katie has become aware of the connections she's making with these former strangers, now kindred spirits as well as fans, she has become more inspired to perform her music, feeling that if her performance reaches but one person it has been worth the effort.

1 Jealousy mp3
2 Listening To You mp3
3 Tuesday's Comin' mp3
4 Ain't Nobody mp3
5 Little Demons mp3
6 Holding On mp3
7 Roller Coaster Ride mp3
8 Don't Let Them Go mp3
9 So Worthy
10 Reach Out
11 Dear Daddy

Released 2007