Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Brother's Keeper CD

Karl Denson has blazed and acclaimed trail bridging the worlds of jazz, funk, and rock, first asfeatured saxophonist with Lenny Kravitz, then as leader of acid-jazz funksters The Greyboy Allstars, and finallyleading his own group, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, which has been a favorite of the jam-band circuit.

Brother's Keeper delivers the classic Karl Denson's Tiny Universe amalgam of funk, rock and jazz on a sterlingset of brand new compositions featuring Karl's soulful vocals and impressive saxophone solos.


1. Shake It Out 

2. Where It Counts 

3. Drums of War

 4. Brother's Keeper (Part 1)

 5. Brother's Keeper (Part 2) 

6. Mighty Rebel 7. Monica 

8. Expressions 

9. Empty Soul 

10. Take It Down 

11. Just Got Paid

Release date September 15, 2009