Josh Phillips Folk Festival - Wicker CD

Josh Phillips began writing music when he received a Tascam 8-track recorder as a high school graduation gift. Because of this gift he learned more than just practicing scales on his guitar - he learned the importance of layering simple parts to let music do its own thing. Though writing music, Josh never joined a band in seriousness until he met Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band in 2002. Joining the band as a percussionist, Josh soon started playing guitar as well and quickly became one of the band's main songwriters. He's been playing and touring heavily for the last 4 years with Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, and while their sound and energy on stage is unmatched, Josh recently began a solo career as well, to get back to his roots and harness a more simple sound that highlights a song and its lyrics. Wicker is his first album, and it was recorded with a collective of local Asheville musicians known as the Folk Festival and also with appearances by the Asheville Horns, Toubab Krewe's Justin Perkins, Acoustic Syndicate's Bryon McMurry, Andy John, Andrew Wakefield, and Woody Wood.

1- You Are Loved mp3 sample
2- For Today mp3 sample
3- Be For You mp3 sample
4- Little Something Baby mp3 sample
5- Morning Song mp3 sample
6- Well Baby mp3 sample
7- Movin' On mp3 sample
8- You Are Not Who You Are Cause You Speak mp3 sample
9- It Ain't Easy
10- Easy Ways
11- Swimming With My Lover
12- Steam Powered Aeroplane
13- Wash Away the Day

Released September 2008

Folk Festival crew includes, but is not limited to:

Elijah Cramer - Bass
Nick Hope - Drums
Sean Donnelly - piano, vocals
Greg Hollowell - saxophone
Derrick Johnson - trombone
Casey Cramer - guitar
Suzanna Baum - vocals
Jacob Baumann - drums
Ryan Burns - Keyboards
Barrett Helms - drums
John Reed - bass, vocals
Rob Russell - Guitar, Vocals