Joseph Patrick Moore - Alone Together CD

Joseph Patrick Moore's third solo release is an all bass, Enhanced CD with a touch of jazz, funk, classical, and soul. Truly a solo bass CD, it features solos, duos, trios, loops, and other compositions....include's a special video performance of Bobby McFerrin's "Drive" and many extras. Joseph is best known for his work with Blueground Undergrass and Fiji Mariners.

1- Waterfall
2- Bebop Charlie
3- Landscape
4- Fall
5- Sooner or Later
6- Drive
7- Prayer of Solitude
8- Masoko Tanga
9- Both Of Us
10- Pause #4
11- Qui Es-Tu Marie Jeanne?
12- Numb
13- Angels Here Among Us
14- Alone Together
15- Offering