John Prine - Talking Dirty CD


While not as much of a cult recording artist as he had been in the previous decade, the hugely influential singer-songwriter John Prine kept up a busy recording schedule throughout the 1980s, and continued to perform live at every given opportunity. In 1984, with manager Al Bunetta and associate Dan Einstein, Prine established Oh Boy Records, which has released all Prine's studio albums since. Prine's first release on the label was Aimless Love (1984) which received warm reviews from the critics, although it failed to chart. Aimless Love also contained the superb 'People Puttin' People Down', later covered by Prine fan Bob Dylan! His next set, German Afternoons, delved further into country territory, and produced the classic 'Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness', alongside other great tunes such as 'Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian', 'Lulu Walls' and 'Sailin' Around'. In support of the new record, Prine embarked on a tour around the United States. His show in Asheville, North Carolina was broadcast live on WBCN-FM and it is this great performance which is featured on this CD in its entirety. With a set list that spans his entire career -including 'Spanish Pipedream', 'Sam Stone', 'Donald And Lydia' and 'Lulu Walls' - all rubbing shoulders with the legendary Prine humor, this release will prove a delight for fans of the great man everywhere.

Track Listing

Lulu Walls
The Torch Singer
Aw Heck
Six O'Clock News
Out of Love Out Of You
Donald and Lydia
Blue Umbrella
Grandpa Was A Carpenter
Fish And Whistle
Storm Windows

Illegal Smile
Dear Abby
Far From Me
Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone
Linda Goes To Mars
Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
The Great Compromise
Sam Stone
Sailin' Around
My Own Best Friend
Spanish Pipedream

Release date 08.09.2019