John Butler Trio - Grand National CD


The musical pigeonholes that exist have long been a bad fit for John Butler and his band. Roots band, protest band, jam band, groove band - these labels may or may not have applied in the past, but the John Butler Trio of 2007 has come too far and seen too much to sit in anybody else's narrow niche. Grand National is more about love than injustice, more about ass-shaking than finger-pointing, and more about maintaining the funk than any particular style of hair or dress. It's an album of sharp focus and wide variety that matches and surpasses the monumental expectations that this group's music has garnered.

1. Better Than
2. Daniella
3. Funky Tonight
4. Caroline
5. Good Excuse
6. Used To Get High
7. Gov Did Nothing
8. Groovin' Slowly
9. Devil Running
10. Losing You
11. Nowhere Man
12. Fire In The Sky
13. Gonna Take It

Released 3/27/07