Joel Fadness - Dynokaleido CD

Upbeat and moody instrumental electronica with REAL drums, vintage keys, acoustic instruments, and found objects. Joel Fadness started composing on keyboards and computers three years ago after a long pause from the dreaded classical piano lessons he had as a child. Drums bouncing and keyboards set on stun, Joel Fadness offers a frenetic opus of electronic jazz on Dynokaleido. Despite having held down gigs as a drummer for several world, world fusion, Native American, and jazz artists, Fadness has an obvious command over and ear for what works when it comes to computers and keyboards. Darting synth lines skip over strict, tight drums to form masses of thoughtful songs. While the music possesses some elements of modern IDM and breakbeat, it's also got serious reverence for the patterns of early electronic music and the sound of the synthesizer. With this type of effort, it's pretty rare that all of the sounds coming out the keyboard are perfectly manufactured and pasted together in a way that avoids cheesiness, even with its occasional glance back to 70s and 80s synth sounds. It is a record that's easy to take seriously where others might be written off as a joke. So listen to it, dance to it, dork out to it.

1 Freshfry mp3
2 Phunarp mp3
3 Bafa Qo mp3
4 Gritdog mp3
5 Mantha mp3
6 Kant mp3
7 No Cho mp3
8 Romper mp3
9 Tangle mp3
10 Boonga mp3
11 Omni
12 Trina
13 Woo
14 Napse

Released 2006