Jimmy Swift Band - Weight of the World CD

JSB have been forging their own path in Canadian Music since 1999. During this time their energetic and improvisational live show has helped the band develop a cult-like following throughout the country. They have performed 200 + shows a year since 2003, selling out venues and packing dance floors across North America. The JSB sound is so original that critics and fans have come up with a new genre to define it - Rocktronica.

Coming out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, JSB consists of Craig Mercer on guitar, vocals, and effects, Aaron Collier on keyboards and effects, Mike MacDougall on bass, and Nick Wombolt on drums. Each member brings their own strengths to a powerful sound which is greater than the sum of its parts. Their influences range from Daft Punk to Pink Floyd to Guns and Roses, and they meld aspects of these sounds together to create their original Rocktronica.

1- Daisy mp3
2- Turn Around mp3
3- Mobilized mp3
4- Immobilized mp3
5- Road Rage mp3
6- Onward Through The Fog mp3
7- Exploration mp3
8- Weight of the World mp3
9- Faceless
10- 2012
11- Evacuation

Released July 2007