Jazz Mandolin Project - Jungle Tango CD

For many years now the Jazz Mandolin Project has courageously been setting itself apart from what people expect of the mandolin. Atypical of accepted tradional approaches to the instrument and of what aficionados call jazz, JMP continues to break ground. "Jungle Tango" is the Jazz Mandolin Project's most significant recording to date. Released on Lenapee Records, JMP's own label, this offering of 10 finely crafted songs and spontaneous improvisations has something for everyone. Engineered by John Siket (Rage Against the Machine, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, etc.), the album represents the quality and enthusiasm of JMP's live shows while highlighting the band's studio creativity. The "Jungle Tango" lineup includes Jamie Masefield on acoustic mandolin and mandola, along with burning New York City rhythm section of Danton Boller (upright bass) and Ari Hoenig (drums). Guests include Gil Goldstein (Pat Matheny) on piano and accordion and Chris Lovejoy (Charlie Hunter) on percussion.

1- Jungle Tango
2- Freddy
3- At The Pershing
4- Ipanema's Sister
5- Oh Yeah
6- Proust
7- Reich's Boogie
8- Pointillism
9- There's A Pipe In The Cellar
10- Ode To Dark Eyes