Jamie Janover and Michael Masley - All Strings Considered CD

Jamie Janover's new CD is called "All Strings Considered". It is an album
of hammered dulcimer dialogues by himself and the innovative hammered dulcimer
player, Michael Masley. Michael Masley invented "bowhammers" - his own technique
for playing the hammered dulcimer enabling him to pluck, bow and strike the strings
simultaneously. Attached to four fingers on each hand, they are similar in shape to
traditional hammered dulcimer hammers, except the striking surface is covered with
horsehair, like miniature violin bows. They produce bell-like tones when used to strike
the strings and violin-like tones when used to bow the strings. Michael also uses
thumb-picks, which create the "plucked" string tones. He has recorded with artists as
diverse as Ry Cooder, Butch Vig, Tom Waits and Zakir Hussain and is included in "Bakers
Biographical Dictionary of Musicians -8th edition".

Jamie Janover has been playing the drums since an early age, and so has developed his own
unique style of playing the hammered dulcimer based on his percussive techniques. He uses
custom double-sided wood hammers for a staccato attack except on one track where he too uses
the "Michael Masley style" bowhammers, for a bowhammer dulcimer duet (the first ever recorded).
Both Jamie and Michael play custom extended range, fully chromatic instruments with dual damper
pedal systems.

The combination of their diverse and unique techniques reaches far into new realms of the timbral
universe, from cascading symphonies of sound to spacious ethereal ambiance. The music has an
intuitive flow that helps the listener to travel to new realms through sound.

Track List:

1- Ragasutra
2- Birds of Mindrise
3- Mnemonic Harmonics
4- Under Fire and Water
5- Mt. Timbral
6- Rain of Thought
7- Two Plus Blue
8- String Tease Coincidence
9- Innerlude
10- Twice Versa
11- Outerlude