James Brown - Christmas CD


It's all but impossible to feel down when you listen to James Brown. But it's plenty easy to get down with this soulful collection. Between upbeat sing-alongs like "Hey America" and heartfelt pleas for brotherhood like "Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year," Brown brings the Christmas spirit right into the here and now. He includes tradition too, with songs like "The Christmas Song" and "Please Come Home for Christmas," but it's Mr. Superbad's signature style and fearsomely funky delivery that makes this set such a singular pleasure.

1. Soulful Christmas 3:09 mp3
2. Christmas In Heaven 2:57 mp3
3. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year 6:34 mp3
4. The Christmas Song 2:45 mp3
5. Hey America 3:41 mp3
6. Merry Christmas Baby 3:58 mp3
7. Merry Christmas, I Love You 2:35 mp3
8. Please Come Home For Christmas 3:24 mp3
9. Signs Of Christmas 4:41
10. Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas 2:42

Released 1995