Jake Shimabukuro - Live CD

Ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro has taken the four-string, two-octave instrument to places no one has gone before, performing awesome music that ranges from Jazz, Blues and Rock to Bluegrass, Classical and Folk. His live concerts are an out-of-the-box blend of stunning virtuosity, deep musicality and a natural entertainer's flair. Jake now has his own record label, and tours extensively in the U.S. and Japan. He has completely rewritten the book on the possibilities of the ukulele -- and is adding new chapters with every CD he records.

Track Listing:
1. Trapped mp3 sample
2. Piano-Forte mp3 sample
3. Bach Two-Part Invention No. 4 in D Minor mp3 sample
4. Me & Shirley T. mp3 sample
5. Spain mp3 sample
6. Five Dollars Unleaded mp3 sample
7. Let's Dance (Prelude) mp3 sample
8. Let's Dance mp3 sample
9. Talk Story I" Michael Jackson on Ukulele..." mp3 sample
10. Thriller mp3 sample
11. Orange World mp3 sample
12. Wes on Four mp3 sample
13. Talk Story II "Thirteen-String Japanese Koto..." mp3 sample
14. Sakura Sakura mp3 sample
15. Dragon mp3 sample
16. Yeah mp3 sample
17. Talk Story III "From Ukulele Disco to Youtube..." mp3 sample
18. While My Guitar Gently Weeps mp3 sample
19. 3rd Stream mp3 sample
20. Blue Roses Falling (Hanahou) mp3 sample