Jah Roots - Crucial CD

Crucial is the most recent release in a string of excellent reggae albums by Jah Roots. An explosively good vibe is packed in this little CD. Pop it into the player, and the syncopated island jams bury their way into your head. For all the classic Reggae fans who love Bob Marley and the like, many tracks, such as "Secrets" and "Fight Down We Chalwa," exhibit a similarly classic Reggae sound. For those who are looking for a new sound, tracks like the title track "Crucial" and "Good Highs" have great reggae rhythms infused with vocal influences from Hip-Hop and Ska. The disc also very tastefully contains heart felt messages about having a great time or bringing attention to some of the worlds problems. Their music has potential to do many great things for the world. It provokes deep thought of reality by offering up views that most people want to ignore. Their political message is very reminiscent of past Reggae greats, whose only way of getting their message out was this great music. This CD has so much to offer to any listener, a very positive message and a great sound to back it up.

1 Crucial mp3
2 Dont You See the Problem mp3
3 Secrets mp3
4 One to One mp3
5 Good Highs mp3
6 Fight Down We Chalwa mp3
7 Roll Up the Spliff mp3
8 Chant Down Babylon mp3
9 Murderers
10 Poverty
11 System a Dread
12 Empress

Released 2006

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