Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Lil Tae Rides Again CD

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey re-awakens with Lil Tae Rides Again, their most idiosyncratic album yet. The new recording - the band's fourth on Hyena Records and first studio effort in three years - will surprise even those predisposed to JFJO's mercurial nature. Electronic music eccentric Tae Meyulks was called upon to produce. He and JFJO tracked, arranged, mixed and mastered the album at his Tulsa studio over the course of 2007. Additionally during this period, founding members Brian Haas and Reed Mathis amicably parted ways with longtime drummer Jason Smart, filling the slot with 22-year old Josh Raymer.

The 11 tracks on Lil Tae Rides Again find the Tulsa-based trio sculpting ambient soundscapes characterized by dreamlike atmospherics, minimalist melodies and subliminally diametrical themes.

1- Autumnal mp3
2- Winter Clothes mp3
3- Tether Ball Triumph mp3
4- Carpool mp3
5- Tae Parade mp3
6- Santiago Lends a Hand mp3
7- Waking the Reluctant Genius mp3
8- Scuffle in the Hallway mp3
9- The Votes Are Counted
10- Recovering the Time Capsule
11- Goodnight Ollie

Released April 8, 2008