Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams CD

This album is Johnson's most produced offering yet, but the more he changes things, the more they stay the same. The centerpiece here is still his increasingly potent songwriting and crisp guitar work. With bass, drums, and a guest appearance from ALO's Zach Gill on piano and accordion, the album is a dynamic collection of songs both serious and spirited. Recorded in Hawaii in October 2004, there's an inherent breeziness and clarity to this album, and it is perfectly equal to his first two smash hit records!

1- Better Together mp3
2- Never Know mp3
3- Banana Pancakes mp3
4- Good People mp3
5- No Other Way mp3
6- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing mp3
7- Staple It Together mp3
8- Situations mp3
9- Crying Shame mp3
10- If I Could mp3
11- Breakdown mp3
12- Belle mp3
13- Do You Remember mp3
14- Constellations