J-San & The Analogue Sons - Sound Resistance CD

With the release of their second album, Sound Resistance, these dub-rock warriors are sharing their music with the world. Frontman rebel charm and forthright dub-rock make J-San & The Analogue Sons a life force that evokes the integrity of Bob Marley and the earthy soul of Ben Harper. With JSATAS we are united, reminded of struggle, and inspired to seek resolution, yet left contented. A genre-bending blend of reggae, rock, afrobeat, and roots soul with a decidedly urban flavor that will make the dance floor tremble and sway.

1- Ammunition mp3
2- One Hundred Five mp3
3- Blues On Down mp3
4- Home Again mp3
5- Freedom Sound mp3
6- We Sing mp3
7- One More Time mp3
8- Masterthief mp3
9- The Levee
10- One Foundation
11- They Don't Know
12- What They Want
13- Keep Me Strong

Released 2006