Izabella - In the West CD

In The West is an impressive collection of songs from a young band searching for its sound. Izabella had been a band less than a year during the creation of this 13 song album. Musical themes that conjure images of the Wild West are interspersed with well crafted songs that expose the wide range of influences shared by this six-piece. You can sense the enthusiasm of a new band fresh off their first summer of festivals in these inspired performances.

Track List:
1 Million Dollar Song mp3 sample
2 Bittersweets mp3 sample
3 Ain't Going Back (War Song) mp3 sample
4 Golden Child mp3 sample
5 Beauty in the Journey mp3 sample
6 Everything's Wonderful Now mp3 sample
7 Enter(lude) mp3 sample
8 Critters mp3 sample
9 Acousticrunk mp3 sample
10 Sing Me Something mp3 sample

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