Imagination Movers - Jazz Fest 2006 CD


All the fun and fantastic music of Imagination Movers, captured live in front of their hometown audience of enthusiastic kids and grown-ups! Kids will love the funky songs with lyrics made just for them, and parents will dig the tight musicianship and sophistication of the songs. It's a great time for anyone and a must-have for music fans with kids!

1- Imagination Movers Theme mp3
2- Good Ideas mp3
3- Shakeable You mp3
4- What's In The Fridge? mp3
5- Wah-Wah mp3
6- The Medicine Song mp3
7- Clean My Room mp3
8- Banter mp3
9- Junk
10- My Favorite Snack
11- I Want My Mommy
12- Cam
13- We Got Each Other
14- 7 Days
15- Farm