iLa Mawana – Soldiers of Sound CD

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Boston-based iLa Mawana presents their first studio album! Mastered at Lion & Fox Studios in DC, the 12-track album is a big statement that follows their 4 track self-titled EP released in 2009. Developing a strong reputation among fans for their tight pocket reggae grooves, iLa Mawana has put together a cohesive group of songs that capture their energy with captivating new melodies.

"...Boston-based iLa Mawana is solidly reggae, but by mixing dub, roots and Afro-beat, they add dimension to their sound, taking them from quintessential to alluring." - Performer Magazine

"Boston's iLa Mawana have a vibrant Jamaican flavor that uses a familiar template, proudly following in the footsteps of reggae legends.Adding a twist to their traditional leanings, the nine-piece posse fuse their style with strains of dub and ska, then alter the vibe further with lyrics that fit more naturally with today's sensibilities." - Music Connection Magazine

Track List
1. The Golden Age 03:49 listen
2. Jigyo Keta 04:21 listen
3. Soldiers of Sound 05:51 listen
4. 40 Hours 04:28 listen
5. Mortal Motion 04:34 listen
6. Green Bridge 05:03 listen
7. Voodoo Spell 03:58 listen
8. Journeyman 03:38 listen
9. Grow My Way 06:07 listen
10. Frankly 03:33 listen
11. Tree Dub 03:48 listen
12. I Define Me 04:25 listen

Released May 2010

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