Hope Massive - Itany CD

Formed in 2004, the international roots group Hope Massive is a rare blessing of roots and vintage dancehall music. Priding themselves on positive forward movement rather than competition and instant success, a new foundation has been created between the five-piece band assembled from the areas most humble and respected musicians. Just like their music, Hope Massive demonstrates their ability to maintain positivity while mashing up the dance floor, delivering beautiful melodies, luscious harmonies and explosive lead lines to create a unique and original sound. The intensity of the rhythm section creates provocative grooves that cannot be denied by young-old, black-white, red-yellow, poor or wealthy. People music for the People.

Combining reggae, current and ancient events, vintage dancehall, rock, Latin jazz and other world music, Hope Massive has created a formula for a promising yet challenging mission...to make the people think, dance and feel through there music. Originality, humbleness, and hard-work are crucial in the development of Hope Massive's music, vision, and longevity.

1- Meditation mp3
2- Mission mp3
3- Some May Say mp3
4- If You Ever Need Me mp3
5- Burn Up the Lies mp3
6- Fallin' mp3
7- Inna Trenches mp3
8- Let Yourself Go mp3
9- I Am
10- Unsure
11- Every Iwa
12- Never Give It Up
13- Are You Livin Up
14- Sheeba

Released 2008