Honkytonk Homeslice CD

Honkytonk Homeslice is Bill Nershi of SCI (guitar, vocals) along with his wife, Jillian (guitar, vocals), and Scott Law (guitar, mandolin, vocals). This intimate, homespun album is a return to roots for Bill nershi, who says "this band takes the music back to the kind of shows SCI did when it began." 13 songs of acoustic americana music make up this debut! Listening to these songs, you can sense the magic being created between the three musicians. The ringing harmonies and instruments seem to conjure a fourth member of the band into the room, giving the album a haunting quality and a full, rich sound.

1. Shot in the Blue
2. Weary Homesick Blues
3. Another River
4. Let the Pieces Fall
5. Sweet Peach
6. The Big Compromise
7. School Bells
8. Magnolia Road
9. We'll Dance
10. Deliver
11. Bear Creek
12. Why You Been Gone So Long
13. Trouble No More

Released Sept. 5, 2006