Head Chemists - Bittersweet Melody CD

Music for the Chem Pop Generation

Head Chemists are two creative students who use music and technology to share their thoughts with the world. Chem Pop is what they label their unique fusion of acoustic and electronic styles, which brings traditional instruments together with intriguing synthesizer soundscapes and perfectly programmed drums beats. Head Chemists understand the power of compelling music to carry positive messages through conscious and insightful lyrical content.

The Head Chemist duo uses Propellerhead's Reason and Digidesign's Protools software to record and produce their songs. Innovative use of technology is a key ingredient in the band's chemistry.

Head Chemists formed in London, England in 2003 when John David Parsons and BenJamin James Prichard met while studying abroad. They continue to play and write new songs while attending Elon University.

1- Running In Fall mp3
2- Bittersweet Melody mp3
3- Piano Hammer mp3
4- Elon Oak mp3
5- Already Got One mp3
6- Let The Music Play mp3
7- Do A Little Disco mp3
8- Feelin' Fine mp3
9- Intermission mp3
10- Amusing Ancestry mp3
11- Legacy mp3
12- Android Report mp3
13- Women In Jamaica mp3
14- Jen's Song mp3
15- Picket Fence mp3
16- Thin And Tired mp3
17- 5:24 AM > Running In Fall Pt 2 mp3