Groove Collective - Brooklyn, NY 4/20/02 - 2 live CDs


For nearly a decade, Groove Collective has been transcending categories with one goal in mind: to move listeners' minds and feet. Long before the term "jam band" hit the scene, this crew of New York City-based stylistic adventurers was laying down grooves that buzzed with funk, jazz, house, Latin and every party-inducing sound in between. Jamband? Acid Jazz? These guys helped shape the modern definition of both while Collective-ly keepin' the Groove. "We're from all around the world -- different countries, different backgrounds -- you name it", explains drummer and producer Genji Siraisi, "but when the group plays together, life becomes simple again -- we want our music to be lush, undeniable, beautiful, and of course, danceable."

Disc One:
1- Astral Rain
2- Silver Hub
3- Universe In A Nutshell
4- Fragile Planet
5- Time Walker
6- Black Hole
7- Stargazer
8- Finding Lost Time

Disc Two:
1- Distinct Vibe
2- Ransom
3- Black Is The Color Of My Coffee
4- 42nd Street Theme - Tender Steppin'
5- 2X3 Suite
6- Village Shout
7- Everyday People
8- Reprise