Gregg's Eggs CD


Gregg Anton, drummer and songwriter for the band Zero, has put together a new group -- playing dynamic improvisational rock with soaring melodies and tons of drums, Greg joins forces with local talent from Marin and San Francisco to create this ensemble. GREGGS EGGS has a repertoire of beautiful new songs written by long time collaborators Robert Hunter and Greg Anton. They mix it up with Zero favorites and take improvisational rock to new heights.

"This band reaches back into your inner wild side and lets you release your energy...I would them put them up against any touring band around." -- Jay Bianchi, Denver concert promoter, Quixote's True Blue

1- Friday Hand
2- Gomorrah
3- D'yer Mak'er
4- Primona
5- Forever is Nowhere
6- Egg Rolls
7- Taller in the Morning
8- Elevator Man
9- Wandering
10- My Father's Underwear
11- I Will Love You
12- Nancy Germany