Grateful Dead - Mars Hotel (special edition)


In the midst of the end of the "first great era" of Grateful Dead came this quizzical album, which, though anchored by standards like "Scarlet Begonias" and "US Blues," contains some truly odd tracks such as Lesh's country-ish "Pride Of Cucamonga" and the ethereal "Unbroken Chain." Bonus tracks included on this remastered, repackaged album!

1- US Blues mp3
2- China Doll mp3
3- Unbroken Chain mp3
4- Loose Lucy mp3
5- Scarlet Begonias mp3
6- Pride Of Cucamonga mp3
7- Money Money mp3
8- Ship Of Fools mp3
9- Loose Lucy (outtake) mp3
10- Scarlet Begonias (live) mp3
11- Money Money (live) mp3
12- Wave That Flag (live) mp3
13- Pride Of Cucamonga (acoustic demo) mp3
14- Unbroken Chain (acoustic demo) mp3

Originally released 1974 - reissue March 7, 2006