Grateful Dead - Go To Heaven CD (special edition)


The Dead welcomed the 1980's with this album, which features burners like "Alabama Getaway" and "Feel Like A Stranger" plus bonus material!

1. Alabama Getaway
2. Far From Me
3. Althea
4. Feel Like A Stranger
5. Lost Sailor
6. Saint of Circumstance
7. Antwerp's Placebo (Plumber)
8. Easy to Love You
9. Don't Ease Me In
10. Peggy-O (Bonus) (Studio Outtake)
11. What'll You Raise (Studio Outtake)
12. Jack-A-Roe (Studio Outtake)
13. Althea (Live)
14. Lost Sailor (Live)
15. Saint of Circumstance (Live)

Originally released 1980, reissued 4/11/06