Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 30 - Academy of Music NYC 3/25 & 3/28/72 (4-CD Set)


That this 4-CD set kicks off with five tracks featuring blues legend Bo Diddley (taken from a 3/25/72 benefit for the Hell's Angels) ought to be enough to get those Dead collector synapses firing. That the last three discs present a complete show from March 28, 1972 that's very Europe '72 in its set list (with lots of early appearances of songs that ended up on that album) but with that extra edge that playing in New York always seemed to inspire in the band, all recorded by Dead sound whiz Betty Cantor-Jackson, explains why this Dick's Picks volume met with almost universal acclaim upon its original release. Brought to you in HDCD sound. Double bonus: the Dead's lone renditions of How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You) and Are You Lonely for Me!